Crisis Strategy and Communications

When you’re faced with a crisis, Sarah Dodd should be your first call. With a perspective only a former reporter can claim, Dodd can see how your story is forming in the newsroom, and will immediately develop strategies to shape your message.

Public Affairs and Lobbying

Sarah Dodd has been involved in municipal government for almost two decades. First as a journalist building relationships at every level of local politics, now as a lobbyist. Dodd’s deep understanding and institutional knowledge of local government paired with relationships built on years of trust equals results. When the stakes are high, be sure you’ve got the right influencer in your corner. Services also include:

Community Relations: Community leaders, neighbors, elected officials – your best advocates and your first line of defense. Influence is everything, and Dodd Communications can help you build it.

Message Development: Sarah Dodd is a purveyor of the truth. By understanding all sides of an issue, using first-hand interviews, research and subject matter expertise, she can identify the messages that resonate with key audiences.

Media Strategy

Media success is deeply embedded in relationships both offline and on, and at its core must be a reputation for integrity and providing stories that strike a chord with audiences quickly. With more than a decade entrenched in broadcast media, reporting on everything from foreign trade to local politics, Sarah Dodd has a truly unique perspective on angles that resonate with newsroom decision makers.

The media can be your best ally or your worst enemy. So choose your counselor wisely.